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From nothing…to a life full of adventure that spans over 80 years.

At age four, Jonn and his two brothers, one younger and one older, were left by their Jamaican parents in the care of an abusive guardian on the island of Jamaica.

They were left to figure out the mysteries of life alone.   Jonn was awkward, insecure, with no self-confidence when he embarks on a journey that leads him through Canada, across the United States and beyond.


Helen Johnston Majercik was a Smith College graduate, Class of 1937, who led a long life. After graduating from Smith, Helen chauffeured her Aunt Anna on a cross-country auto trip with equally fun-loving relatives.   Helen’s life was one that was lively and full of incident. She capped it in an unusual way:  she enjoyed her life so much that she decided, in her last years, to write a book about it. This is the book.